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Mobile video consumption on the rise: Nielsen

October 9, 2009

Mobile video consumption on the rise: Nielsen

By Chris Harnick

September 3, 2009

The power of three

According to Nielsen’s Three Screen Report, the number of people watching mobile video increased 70 percent, from more than 9 million to more than 15 million in the last year.

The report also found Americans are increasing their overall media consumption. The Nielsen Company’s second quarter 2009 report found media multitasking is still part of the media consumption equation, but television viewing remains at 141 hours per month, an all-time high.

“Consumers continue adopting new screens of video consumption at impressive rates, but not at the cost of traditional TV viewing,” said Nic Covey, director of insights at The Nielsen Company, Chicago. “Millions of Americans are extending their video experience to the second and third screen and in doing so are growing the overall video pie.

“The American appetite for video seems insatiable as millions of consumers augment their TV viewing with online and mobile,” he said. “Mobile video has posted the most impressive growth in terms of viewers, with reach up 70 percent year over year.

“Though the reach of online video is no longer growing as dramatically, the amount of time spent viewing on PCs is: up a staggering 46 percent year over year, amongst viewers.”

The Nielsen Company is a global marketing and media information company analyzing how people interact with digital platforms, traditional media and in-store environments.

The Three Screen Report found the 15 million people subscribing to mobile video in the U.S. spend on average three hours and 15 minutes each month watching video on their mobile devices.

“For more than 15 million American consumers, mobile video is allowing them to access video content when and where they want it,” Mr. Covey said. “And it’s not just short clips they’re tuning into: our research shows that consumers are relying on their phone for long-form mobile video content, as well, often to rewatch a favorite TV show or catch up on episodes they might have missed.”

Findings also include children 12-17 years old spend the most watching video on their mobile devices at 6 hours and 30 seconds.

Young adults ages 18-24 spend 3 hours and 15 minutes while ages 25-34, 45-54 and 55-64 spend 2 hours and 10 seconds.

Mobile users between ages 35-44 spent 2 hours and 53 seconds. An age base size of 65 and older was too small to report mobile video consumption in terms of hours and minutes.

According to Nielsen’s first quarter 2009 numbers, 41 percent of video consumption on mobile phones was done by females and 59 percent done by males.

“Mobile video has been slow to take off, but the year-over-year growth suggests the tide may be turning,” Mr. Covey said. “Today’s growth is fueled by more advanced devices, faster network speeds and the increasing ability for consumers to access mobile video over mobile Web, rather than through a standalone subscription.

“Marketers who dismissed the mobile video opportunity a couple of years ago might do well to take another look: the audience for mobile video is still modest, but it is growing, engaged and providing first-mover marketers with an opportunity to uniquely interact with their target audiences,” he said.

Mr. Covey said TV programming is amongst the most popular content online and mobile platforms.

“This is important, because TV programming will continue to serve as the fabric that relates these platforms and drives consumer interest and awareness in the second and third screens,” he said.

“Going into the 2009-2010 TV season, programmers will seek out ways to capitalize on the unique utility of each screen while simultaneously providing a more seamless content relationship across the screens, a cross-platform experience that will drive even deeper levels of program and advertising engagement.”

Chris Harnick is an editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer. Reach him at